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Working in Gamemaker:Studio now. Here's my WIP Alien Platformer(working title) I finally got the walking up slopes part to work.

Entered the GMC Jam #11. Pretty bad game but I just started in Gamemaker:Studio.

Just started, this is proof of concept for me. I had to make sure what I had in my head could be done and looked good. Originally the blue and white particles were programmed, looked a lot better but frame rate dropped too much so I recorded a 10 frame animation of the programmed effect.

Updated Links page. Started 2 new projects, one in DarkBasic Pro and other in GLBasic. I'm aiming for non-freeware, I'll see how they turn out.


New web site. Ditched Wordpress, too many spammers. Now I'm using Amaya and Komposer for web site design. Easy to use, simple and free.

Games page is up, will be adding more to other pages soon.